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The mission of the City of Monongahela Police Department is to promote a safe place to live and work for all citizens of the City.  Currently, there are 14 full- and part-time officers serving the City of Monongahela, New Eagle, and Finleyville.

The City of Monongahela Police Chief, Brian Tempest, and the other members of the Police Department are responsible and accountable not only to the citizens of the City, but are ultimately responsible to the Mayor of Monongahela, Bob Kepics, as per the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania Third Class City Code.  The Code (to which the City of Monongahela must adhere) states that "the Mayor shall be the director of public affairs and as such shall have supervision over the City Police." [Article XI.  Section 1103.]

Consequently, Mayor Kepics and Police Chief Tempest have been working very closely together and have set forth short and long-term goals and objectives for the City of Monongahela Police Department.  Thus far, they have: instituted a curfew, which requires that anyone younger than the age of 18 that is on the streets after 10:00 p.m. can be cited; established foot patrol duty within the police force whereby City officers walk a beat downtown so that a police presence is visible to shoppers and merchants;  implemented an "open-door" policy for the Chief of Police so that residents may lodge complaints directly to the police in a timely manner; and are in the process of continually stepping up efforts (along with members of City Council) to curtail illicit drug activity within the community.

The members of the City of Monongahela Police Department are pictured below.   Back Row from left to right:  Vince Waller, Pete Rocco, Pat Conley, Roderic Henson, Chief Brian Tempest, Bill Fusco, Dennis Mendicino, Steve Kenyon, Kevin Harris.  Front Row from left to right:  Larry Maraldo, "Beny" - K9, Robert Boyer, Michael Stangroom, Lindsi Kopko, Ryan Lenzi, Mayor Bob Kepics, Bob Yohe.



Monongahela Police

Beny (K9) pictured below.
Beny Picture