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Chess Park Gazebo
The Gazebo in Chess Park is one of the main focal points in the City of Monongahela.  It was designed by Robert Lettrich and built by Joseph Dubrovich, Jr. and was completed in 1980.  The gazebo is unusual in many ways, including a two-tier roof, which is similar to a gazebo located in Ligonier Square.  The gazebo was actually built on-site instead of prefabricating the structure.

Chess Park received its name from the Chess Homestead, later known as the Miller House.  Mary Wickerham Chess Miller gave the property to the City around the turn of the century.

The bell that is located in the park was cast in 1865 and was placed in Central School which at one time was located on Fourth and Chess Streets in the City.  The school was built in 1881 and destroyed by fire in 1883.  It was rebuilt later that year on the same site and rededicated.  It stood at that location until 1961 when it was razed.  National City Bank is now at that site.

A cannon from the Civil War also stands in the park along with a monument to fallen soldiers.

In 1969 when the City of Monongahela celebrated its 200th anniversary, a time capsule was filled with items donated by city residents.  The capsule was then closed, sealed, and buried underneath the lawn in Chess Park and will be reopened in 2019.

On June 14, 1984, the Monongahela Veterans Council dedicated a memorial to honor the World War II, Korea, and Vietnam veterans.  This memorial is mounted on a solid reinforced concrete slab base 36 inches deep.  A time capsule is also located under the center slab and is scheduled for opening on Memorial Day 2018.

On November 11, 1995, former members of Co. "A", 110th Inf. 28th Division dedicated a walkway and honor roll to honor all men and women from Monongahela and surrounding areas.  A memorial fund was established in order to complete phase II which was the addition of two marble slabs on either side of the existing monument and the expansion of the sidewalk area around the monument.  The monument was then rededicated on November 11, 1996.

On December 5, 1998, the Chess Park Gazebo was officially dedicated to the late mayor of Monongahela, John Moreschi, for his accomplishments and service to the City.  John Moreschi served as Mayor of Monongahela from January 1976 until his death on June 20, 1998.  Known as the "Marrying Mayor", he performed over 300 weddings, most of which were performed at this Gazebo.

Chess Park today remains a central location for festivals, concerts, and memorable weddings performed in the Gazebo.
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