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Bio - Mayor Bob Kepics

Robert (Bob) Kepics, Mayor


Mayor Kepics has been a resident of the City of Monongahela for 20 years, during which time he has also been involved in community events.  He and his wife, Nancy, have been married for 18 years; they have three children and three grandchildren, all of whom are also City of Monongahela residents, and they are both Democratic Committee Persons for Ward 2-3.


Mayor Kepics is (or has previously been) a member of:  the Monongahela Area Chamber of Commerce, Monongahela City Council,  the Monongahela Fire Department, the Fire Police, the Monongahela Area Revitalization Committee (MARC), the Syria Shrine, and Henry Phillips Lodge 0337 in Monongahela. He is also currently a member of the board of the Tri Community Ambulance Service.


Mayor Kepics holds two degrees as an Electrical Technician, and one degree as a Certified Electrician.  He is currently employed as an electrician at US Steel, and in his free time, he enjoys hunting, fishing, and is an avid Pittsburgh Penguins “Pens” fan.   


Upon taking office in January 2008, Mayor Kepics outlined his initial objectives.  Having served on Monongahela City Council for 10 years, these priorities were produced in a very timely manner.  These objectives are currently being addressed, and they are to:

  • facilitate the establishment of new businesses in the City
  • produce ordinances governing taxpayer properties so that residents may improve their properties via additional buildings and/or structures
  • engage the Monongahela Police Force as it wages its war on drugs in the community
  • commit to an “open door policy” with the residents of Monongahela
  • begin working on the establishment of a youth center for children in the area


As of the date of this writing, Mayor Kepics has also accomplished the following:

·         Established “foot patrol” duty within the Police force

·         Established an open door policy with the Police Chief so that residents may lodge complaints directly to the police

·         Founded a monthly “Beautification Award” within the City to reward City residents for outstanding upkeep to their properties.

·         Engaged and encouraged construction companies to purchase and redevelop condemned buildings within the City limits

·         Hosted an annual Fishing Contest for children

·         Initiated ongoing work sessions within the Monongahela Fire Department to address Governmental Standards



Mayor Kepics may be reached at